What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce is an active organization of business owners and community members promoting business, shopping and tourism into Nashville. The Chamber works together to improve the economic, civic and cultural well-being of our area. The Nashville Chamber helps to create job opportunities through the stimulation of Industrial and Commercial growth.

Dues are structured so that even the smallest business can be a member. The Director devotes effort to build strong organizations and carry out the policies determined by the board of directors to represent the best interests of the members. The Board of Directors and committee members are comprised of Chamber Members.

Our Board of Directors

  • Tom Speedie – President
  • Letisha Luecking-Orlet – Secretary
  • Darlene Schomaker – Treasurer
  • Doris Povolish – Director

Our Other Valued Board Members

  • Sara Habbe
  • Cathy Dinkelman
  • Jennifer Szopinski
  • Karen Droste